Some Bullshit Excuse

Twenty-something dead beat trying to figure herself out


"I poop pickles"

This was also me! no shame. 


"If everything is your favorite, then nothing is your favorite."

that was me, I said that! 

A few vinyl blogs have started reblogging this and I love it #poppamaloneforever.

A few vinyl blogs have started reblogging this and I love it #poppamaloneforever.

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I need a friend (singular) to hang out with/talk to me on a fairly regular basis. I’ve lost a lot of my social skills in the past few months. If it weren’t for work I’d go days without taking to another human being. I’m not exaggerating. Everyone makes me nervous. 

Summer Time Blues 

Summer Time Blues 

You may not believe this, but I used to be kind of fun. I went out. I had friends. I related to people. What the fuck happened to me?

In the past six years I have let a lot of my hobbies go to the wayside. Due to college, due to work, due to friendships/relationships, due to illness, due to laziness, due to anxiety. Fuck that shit. I used to really enjoy things. I’m bringing it back. All of it. Everything that used to make me happy. 

Summer. I can’t. The heat. No thanks. People. Less thanks. I don’t know how I got here. 

Every once in a while i think to myself ” I could make someone really happy one day.” And then I collapse into laughter and tears because, yeah, right. 


Current goals: to become independently wealthy and to have sweet abs


Nora Malone

—The Miles Between Us

Big step up from “My Mom is The Bomb.” Happy Mother’s Day. 

I keep forgetting that tumblr is a thing. Whoops.

My parents are hands down the two most outstanding people I have ever met, for very opposite reasons. My mom lives for her work despite the pay (that nearly never makes ends meet) and my dad wakes up everyday for a job he hates, because it pays the bills. My dad has found passion in life and it is music and friends and photos and memories, but he hasn’t been on a single date since the divorce because he gave up on that kind of love. My mom dates and hopes to find the passion that she has been looking for, but has the absolute worst fucking taste. I feel like I’ve adopted the worst and best of them. But not in the right combination. I live for my work because it pays the bills and gives me somewhere to go everyday. And I have the absolute worst fucking taste because I gave up on believing that I deserve passion and friends and memories. So I sit alone in my room being content with my nothingness. Complaining, but not complaining, because this is the loneliest and happiest I’ve ever been. Just who I am I guess. 

I saved up for a Gameboy for over a year. I think I put away twice the amount that it would actually cost. I made a contract that it wouldn’t interfere with my school and that I wouldn’t let Liam use it if it started to interfere with his. My dad was amazed by my effort. We went to Sears to look at gameboys. I wanted the yellow one that came with Pokemon. We decided to sleep on it and buy it the next day. We almost got hit by another car on the way home, a drunk driver I presume. He/she/they would have hit me on the passenger side, if contact had been made chances are I wouldn’t have survived. I never went back to Sears. I never got my Gameboy. Haven’t played a second of Pokemon ever since. 

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I have come in contact with a lot of really talented human persons in the past two weeks and it makes me want to give up on everything.