Some Bullshit Excuse

Twenty-something dead beat trying to figure herself out

My dad almost never texts me back anymore and I feel like I’ve lost my best friend. 


—Stop Breathin'


stop breathin’, stop breathin’breathin’ for me now

write it on a postcard, dad they broke me

dad they broke me, stop breathin’

If I could score someone half as cute as Rhett Miller I’d be content for the rest of my life. That man is adorable inside and out. Even when he sings about getting drunk and fucking. Especially when he sings about getting drunk and fucking. 

Built To Spill

—You Were Right


You Were Right ~ Built To Spill

As far as I am concerned September 2014 never happened. 

It is possible to have an opinion without being a fucking asshole. Try it some time.

Nora Malone

—Keeping You Up At Night

Haunting the shit outta you. 

Anonymous asked: you're the prettiest girl

Don’t know when this was sent, but hey, thanks! 

I want pen pals. Be my pen pal. I’ll send you drunk letters and maybe a sober one from time to time. 

Drinking alone in my pajamas at noon on a Sunday because what the fuck else am I supposed to do? 

Stopped bein cute a long time ago. 

Vacation taught me how profoundly unhappy I am with my daily routine life. Contentment smells like hotel rooms and Irish Pubs. 

Graveface Records store front. Savannah, GA 

Graveface Records store front. Savannah, GA